Medal & Award winners at the 2017 Spring Meeting

As every year, the Spring meeting was the time of awards and medals! This year, we had awardees of three societies who are listed below. For those wanting to have a look at the topics of talks and posters presented at the meeting, please download the abstract book here.

► Medal Awards

► PhD Poster Prizes (are prizes still the same?)

  • 1st BSDB PhD Poster Prize winner (Attendance at SDB 76th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis): Claire Bromley (Kings College London) – Poster 25 “Investigating biomechanical forces in zebrafish brain morphogenesis
  • 1st BSCB PhD Poster Prize winner (visit to 2017 ASCB/EMBO meeting, Philadelphia): Christina Dix (University College London) – poster 5 “Adhesion, not cortical tension, is vital for successful cytokinesis in RPE-1 cells
  • 1st Genetics Society (£100 cash prize sponsored by BioMed Central): Alexandra Buffry (Oxford Brookes University) – Poster 182 “Investigating gene regulatory network architecture and evolution in different developmental contexts
  • 2nd BSDB PhD Poster Prize (£100 cash prize sponsored by BioMed Central): Ariadna Gador Navarro-Aragall (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology) – Poster 86 “SEMA3E and SEMA3C Cooperate to establish vascular boundaries
  • 2nd BSCB PhD Poster Prize (£100 cash prize sponsored by BioMed Central): Sophie Adams (Barts Cancer Institute) – Poster 32 “‘Exosome signatures’ as biomarkers for centrosome-targeted therapy in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC)

► Postdoc Poster Prizes

  • 1st BSDB Prize (£200 cash prize sponsored by BioMed Central): Carla Mulas (University of Cambridge) – Poster 129 “Functional characterisation of metachronous cell state transitions
  • 1st BSCB Prize (£100 Cash prize sponsored by BioMed Central): Girish Mali (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology) – Poster 47 “Assembly Mechanisms of Dynein Motors
  • 1st Genetics Society (£100 bank transfer sponsored by BioMed Central): Laura Molina-Garicia (University College London) – Poster 122 “Sexy learning in C. elegans”
  • 2nd BSDB Prize (£100 cash prize sponsored by BioMed Central): Hadi Boukhatmi (University of Cambridge) – Poster 92 “Molecular logic behind Satellite cells specification in Drosophila”

► Others

  • Genetics Society Overall Poster Prize (Junior Scientist Conference Grant, Scheme A): Alewo Idoko-Akoh (The Roslin Institute) – Poster 185 “CXCR4 and c-Kit signalling are required for directed migration of chicken primordial germ cells through the chick embryonic vascular system
  • BSDB Honorary Mention (Certificate): Eva Higginbotham (University of Cambridge) -Poster 114 “Neurotransmitter specification in the ventral nerve cord of Drosophila melanogaster”
  • The BSCB Science writing Prize: Marcia Kishida (University of Cambridge)
  • The BSCB Image Award:
    • 1st: Cristiano Lucci, School of Life Sciences, University of Nottingham
    • 2nd: Anneliese Norris, School of Biology (University of St Andrews)
    • 3rd: Mohammad Mofatteh (MRC LMB, Cambridge), Alan Prescott, College of life Sciences, University of Dundee

Movies of medal lectures; w=520; h=405; w=520; h=405; w=520; h=405

Hooke Medal Lecture: Ewa Paluch

Women in Cell Biology Lecture: Victoria Sanz Moreno

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