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If you are a junior BSDB member, please follow us on Facebook and see our PhD/postdoc website providing support for academic and non-academic careers, clearly illustrating why the BSDB is such a great society!

The website  was initiated by our postdoc representative Michelle Ware (group of Jenny Morton in Cambridge; 2015-18) and PhD representative Alexandra Ashcroft (group of Anne Ferguson-Smith in Cambridge; 2015-18) on the basis of  feedback obtained via the 2015 survey of student and postdoc BSDB members. To make sure that the page continues to serve your needs and expectations, please don’t hesitate to send in your ideas, corrections and feedback. Simply write to or

Brief summary of the BSDB PhD/postdoc site:

  • Advice for a successful academic career
    • Funding lists for postdoctoral research, starting your own group or PhD studentships
    • Eminent developmental biologists are sharing their Career stories to elucidate the rationale behind their decisions
    • Society members provide snapshot Timelines to demonstrate the multitudes of routes to running your own group.  These lists are unique in that successful members of our society have offered themselves up as “advisors” to the community. They will answer questions about the process of a given application.
    • Our Toolkit page (under construction) will highlight the academic skills uniquely gained in Developmental Biology.
  • Advice for those looking to leave academia
    • Developmental Biologists who left the field share their Career stories to show the breadth of what’s possible, and how to get there
    • Our Toolkit page (under construction) will highlight the transferable skills uniquely gained in Developmental Biology
  • CV Boosters page (under construction)
    • will offer advice on Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Public Engagement, Science communication and Science Policy
  • Events
    • alerts to our upcoming career events and looks back at past events we organised

Why not just visit our PhD/postdoc website and see for yourself?

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