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European Developmental Biology Congress 2023: A distributed meeting across Oxford, Barcelona and Paris

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  • Dates: 25th-28th September 2023
  • Primary location: Keble College, Oxford, UK
  • BSDB organisers: Sally Lowell, Paul Martin and Shankar Srinivas
  • Interlinked one day meeting organisers: Sigoléne Meilhac, Nicola Festuccia, Tanya Foley, Tom Cumming & Guillaume Frasca (Paris) and Alejo Rodriguez-Fratelli (Barcelona).


Ideas for future Focus meetings?

  • You have the opportunity to propose a Focus meeting (usually in the Autumn) on a subject of your choice; contact


Tips about further meetings/courses


Meeting calendar

  • for a comprehensive list of field-relevant meetings and courses, please visit The Node’s Events Calendar – all relevant meeting information passed on to us will be published on that calendar

Meeting sites of other organisations or for model organisms:


Past BSDB meetings


  • Spring focus meeting 2023: Cellular Plasticity in Morphogenesis
    Dates: 17th-19th April 2023
    Location: Sheffield, UK.
    Organisers: Kyra Campbell, Ben Steventon and Anestis Tsakiridis
  • 20th International Conference of the International Society of Differentiation
    In conjunction with the BSDB 2022 Conference: 4th-7th September 2022 in Valetta, Malta; organizers: Liz Robertson, Sally Lowell and Josh Brickman.
  • BSDB/BSCB Spring meeting 2022: 3rd-6th April 2022 in Warwick, UK; organisers: Raman Das, Jens Januschke, Alison Twelvetrees, Tom Nightingale, Susana Godhino, Sally Lowell.

  • Spring BSDB/BSCB meeting 2019: 7-10 April 2019 in Warwick, UK; organisers: Rita Sousa-Nunes (BSDB), Tristan Rodriguez (BSDB), Victoria Sanz-Moreno (BSCB), Susana Godinho (BSCB)
  • Autumn meeting 2018: Embryonic-Extraembryonic Interactions – from genetics to environment. 10-13 September 2018 in Oxford, UK (Corpus Christi College); organisers: Tristan Rodriguez (BSDB, UK), Shankar Srinivas (UK), Kat Hadjantonakis (US), Kristen Panfilio (UK/Germany), Susana Chuva de Sousa Lopes (Netherlands). [Poster].

  • Spring meeting 2018 (70th anniversary meeting): 15-18 April 2018 in Warwick; organisers: Berenika Plusa, Sally Lowell, Alistair McGregor, Joshua Brickman –[poster] [abstract book][history rap]

  • Joint autumn meeting 2017: together with Swedish, Finish, Norwegian and Danish Societies of Developmental Biology, 25-27 October 2017, Aula Medica, Stockholm, organisers: Megan Davey (BSDB) – Ruth Palmer, Sara Wilson, Shristos Samakovlis & Andras Simon (SWEDBO) – Satu Kuure (FSDB) – Elke Ober, Palle Serup (Denmark) — [LINK]
  • Joint BSCB/BSDB/Gen Soc Spring Meeting 2017: 2-5 April 2017, University of Warwick, organisers: Andrew Oates & Henry Roehl (BSDB), Rebecca Oakly & Marika Charalamous (Gen. Soc.), Julie Welburn & Andrew Cartler (BSCB) — [LINK]
  • Autumn meeting 2016: Using chimaeras to study developmental processes: 28-30 Aug 2016, Edinburgh, organisers: Jenny Nichols and Tristan Rodriguez – meeting report
  • Joint BSCB/BSDB Spring Meeting 2016 : 10-13 April 2016, University of Warwick; organisers: Buzz Baum, Sally Lowell, Anna Philpott, Silke Robatzek
  • Joint meeting of the BSDB with the Spanish and Portuguese Societies of Dev Biol: 7-10 Oct 2015, Algarve, Portugal – meeting report
  • Joint BSDB-BSCB Spring Meeting – Celebrating the BSDB’s 50th anniversary: 12-15 April 2015, University of Warwick – meeting report
  • Joint meeting of the BSDB with the BBSMB – “The Musculoskeletal System: from development to disease”: 1-3 Sept 2014, University of East Anglia, Norwich – meeting report
  • Joint meeting of the BSDB with the International Society of Differentiation: Nov 2014, London – no meeting report
  • Joint BSDB-BSCB Spring Meeting: April 2015, University of Warwick – no meeting report
  • Autumn Meeting of the BSDB – ‘Axon Guidance and Regeneration’:  28–30 Aug 2013, University of Aberdeen – meeting report


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