Send your nominations for BSDB committee members by 7 March

We ask for nominations for three new BSDB committee members, who will commence their 5 year term in October 2017 to replace three members retiring this year. Committee members will be required to (make every attempt to) attend two committee meetings per year, one of which coincides with the annual BSDB Spring Meeting.

All nominations must be proposed by a member of the BSDB, and seconded by another member, and must also be accompanied by a statement from the nominee that they are willing to serve if elected. Please send your nominations to as soon as possible, latest by Friday 7th of March 2017.

If a vote is required, the election will take place at this year’s BSDB AGM, which will be held during this year’s BSDB Joint Spring Meeting (Warwick, 2-5 April 2017). In this case, a short verbal statement of support for the nominee will be required, preferably presented by the proposer or seconder.

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