Developmental Biology Advocacy Campaign

To promote Developmental Biology, we should have our elevator pitches ready at all times – whenever there is an opportunity to talk about our discipline – be it to the public, students, fellow scientists or policy makers. We have no made a first start published on the BSDB website and The Node. This is a first attempt at providing a concise rationale and ideas that can be woven into conversations about our science. We are certain that the arguments presented can still be improved and complemented and expanded into the fields of evolutionary biology and plant sciences. We would therefore like to invite you to send in your ideas, potential corrections and suggestions for improvement, additions, new arguments and/or potential links that will further strengthen the message we want to convey. Please, forward your ideas to This initiative is only the first step of a collaborative advocacy campaign, and we’ll inform about next steps on The Node and on the BSDB site.

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