Join us at the Joint BSDB / Genetics Society Spring Meeting 2024

Joint BSDB / Genetics Society Spring Meeting on Developmental Genetics

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  • Dates: 15th-18th April 2024
    Primary location: University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
    Organisers: Shankar Srinivas (BSDB), Tom Bennett (BSDB), Stefan Hoppler (GenSoc), David Ferrier (GenSoc), Helen Weavers (BSDB)


The British Society for Developmental Biology and the Genetics Society are pleased to announce a joint spring meeting on:

“Developmental Genetics”

We have put together an exciting and diverse programme on original perspectives in Developmental Genetics. Session topics will range from the role of Epigenetics and the Environment to Hormones, not only in Development but also in tissue Remodelling and Regeneration. The meeting will also showcase novel approaches for investigating Developmental Genetics from stem cell-mediated Embryoid Models to Mathematical and Computational Modelling. There will be special emphasis on the influence of Evolution and on having representation of a variety of animals and plants in our programme.

We are particularly excited to welcome Professors Dominique Bergmann and Nori Satoh for keynote lectures.

This conference provides the chance to network and socialise with a wide cross-section of the Genetics and Developmental Biology community. We hope you can join us in April 2024 and we look forward to welcoming you!

BSDB/Genetics Society Conference Organising Committee


Thanks to all who joined us at:

European Developmental Biology Congress 2023: A distributed meeting across Oxford, Barcelona and Paris

25th-28th September 2023

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