2016 Awardees of the Gurdon/The Company of Biologists Summer Studentships

The BSDB congratulates this years awardees:

  • Ji Hye Moon (KCL; host: Richard Wingate, KCL)
  • Iona Imrie (Edinburgh University; host: Jamie Davies, Edinburgh)
  • Daniyal Jalil Jafree (UCL; host: Pete Scambler, UCL)
  • Paige Paddy (UEA; host: Andrea M√ľnsterberg, UEA)
  • Jack Weaver (University of Aberdeen; host: Lynda Erskine, Aberdeen)
  • Mireya Vazquez-Prada (UCL; host: Stephen Price, UCL)
  • Christopher Taylor (Sheffield University; host: Karin Sofefan, Sheffield)
  • Lauren Miller (UCL; host: Richard Poole, UCL)
  • Lilli Hahn (Cambridge University; host: Brian Hendrich, Cambridge)
  • Jaylee Boer (Edinburgh University; host: Mike McGrew, Roslin Institute, Edinburgh)

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