The Company of Biologists Travel Grants

The Company of Biologists Travel Grants are to attend meetings and courses outside the UK (a proportion of the total cost, to a maximum of £600).

  1. Only BSDB members are eligible and no travel awards will be made to members paying the incorrect subscription fee.
  2. The purpose of the award must be clearly linked to developmental biology
  3. The awardee should be UK based and travelling outside the UK.
  4. Applicants for a Company of Biologists Travel Grant are not eligible for a BSDB Conference grant (see above).
  5. When presenting a poster or talk, your support has to be acknowledged using these downloadable jpg or PDF files (the latter is an Illustrator file which can be opened in all Adobe programs).
  6. A further condition of the grant is that you may be asked to write a short meeting report for the newsletter.
  7. Further conditions apply for the attendance of overseas meetings:
  • The amount given depends on demand and normally provides only a portion of the requested amount for each application.
  • Applications will be grouped and reviewed at the end of each month, so members should apply at least 2 months before they need the grant.
  • No application will be considered for a refund on money already spent.
  • No more than one person from one lab and two people from one department will be supported for any one meeting.
  • Normally, and unless demand is low, a member will only receive a single grant per year.
  • Only applications from fully paid up members will be considered.

To apply:

  1. Download the Company of Biologists travel grant application form either as Word document either as Word document or PDF.
  2. Return the completed form to the treasurer by email (
  3. The application should include a letter of support and, if appropriate, the abstract of the poster or talk they intend to present
  4. Applications should include details of the proposed visit and the breakdown of the amount of money requested
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