First impressions of the BSDB Spring Meeting

This year, is the BSDB’s 70th anniversary, and this was clearly reflected at our Spring Meeting, 15-18 April 2018 in Warwick! Apart from an outstanding speaker list, and the award of most BSDB medals & prizes of 2018, we saw a history session which looked back at the past, to then project into the future of Developmental Biology. Other specials were a very engaging PhD and postdoc social, the weaving of pedigree networks (with little labels, pins and threads of wool), and the live presentations of DB raps composed and sung by Jerry aka Gerald H Thomsen PhD and produced and mixed by Philip Larsen. See below a few image impressions of the meeting and/or listen to the two raps! A detailed meeting report will follow.


Rap 1: BSDB History (part I & II)


Rap 2: Morphogen Mix


Gerald Thomsen, Josh Brickman and Philip Larsen


Only a tiny selection of participants


Emilia receives the Beddington medal from Simon Bullock


Nick Hopwood


The panel discussion


The PhD and postdoc social


PhD and postdoc social


Gearing up for the conference dinner


Weaving pedigree networks: Eric Wieschaus, David Ish-Horowicz, Claudio Stern, Austin Smith


Concluding lecture by Sir John Gurdon

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