Beddington Medal nomination & Gurdon studentship reports

Beddington Medal nominations

Nominations are invited for the 2016 Beddington Medal for the best graduating PhD student in the field of Developmental Biology.
The eligibility period covers PhD dissertations which were defended during the calendar year previous to the award. Furthermore, applicants need to have at least one paper accepted or close to acceptance. The deadline for nominations will be announced after the autumn meeting and usually is around mid Janary. Further details about the nomination process can be found here. Please read these before submitting any nomination.

Gurdon Summer Studentship reports

The Gurdon summer studentship scheme provides financial support to allow highly motivated undergraduate students an opportunity to engage in practical research during their summer vacation. We look for students with a strong academic record and clear career vision, who have taken the initiative to establish contacts with a research laboratory where they can perform projects in the area of Developmental Biology. Every year, 10 successful applicants spend 8 weeks in the research laboratories of their choices, and the feedback we received was outstanding. See the list of all successful awardees, and read the student reports, of which the last three have just been uploaded:

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