2012 Spring Conference

The 2012 Spring Conference is a joint meeting of the British Society for Cell Biology, the British Society for Developmental Biology and the Japanese Society for Developmental Biologists and will take place at Warwick University, from 15-18 April 2012. 

The meeting features a series of plenary and parallel sessions, with an outstanding line up of speakers from around the world. There are three highlight prize lectures –the Hooke Medal Lecture (BSCB), Waddington Medal Lecture (BSDB and the Beddington prize lecture (best PhD student) as well as poster sessions and social events.

Find out more about the speakers, the programme and how to register on the 2012 Conference website or download a PDF of the meeting poster.

The annual spring symposium is a major meeting in the international calendar. It covers a broad range of topics in developmental biology and is often held jointly with the British Society for Cell Biology (BSCB) or the Genetics Society. Attendance is usually 400-500 delegates. The format usually includes:

  • Four or five sessions of research talks
  • Sessions on other topics of interest to UK developmental biologists (e.g. funding, careers)
  • Waddington Medal Lecture
  • Beddington Medal Lecture
  • Poster sessions with prizes for the best poster
  • The BSDB AGM, including elections of new committee members