Waddington Medal awarded to Chris Wylie

Congratulations to Chris Wylie (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center), who received the 2011 Waddington Medal at the Spring Meeting in Kent.

Chris’s research focusses on: the migration of embryonic cells, the control of actin assembly in morphogenetic movements, the formation of the primary germ layers in vertebrate embryos, the scientific basis of spinal disorders, tendon differentiation.

BSDB 2011 spring meeting

The BSDB 2011 spring meeting was held at the University of Kent, Canterbury, from 27-30 April 2011.

This was a joint Annual Spring Meeting with the British Society for Cell Biology. Plenary speakers were Mark Krasnow and Graham Warren, and sessions included:

  • Cell adhesion and migration
  • Cilia and flagella
  • Inflammation
  • Integrative approaches to development
  • Pathogens and membrane traffic
  • Physiology and disease
  • Plasticity
  • Evolution, signalling and development

The annual spring symposium is a major meeting in the international calendar. It covers a broad range of topics in developmental biology and is often held jointly with the British Society for Cell Biology (BSCB) or the Genetics Society. Attendance is usually 400-500 delegates. The format usually includes:

  • Four or five sessions of research talks
  • Sessions on other topics of interest to UK developmental biologists (e.g. funding, careers)
  • Waddington Medal Lecture
  • Beddington Medal Lecture
  • Poster sessions with prizes for the best poster
  • The BSDB AGM, including elections of new committee members