Company of Biologists Support Grants

Company of Biologists Support Grants are available in 2015 for independent group leaders/PIs with no independent funding to attend meetings, conferences, workshops, practical courses, PI laboratory management courses and courses to re-train.

  1. Only BSDB members are eligible and no awards will be made to members paying the incorrect subscription fee.
  2. The purpose of the award must be clearly linked to Developmental Biology or professional development and should be explained.
  3. Up to £500 will be awarded for attendance inside the UK, up to £1,000 for Europe and up to £1,500 for outside Europe.
  4. Applications can be submitted until 30 November 2015 at any time, but ahead of the event and leaving at least 2 weeks for processing and response.
  5. Applications are not competitive but will be processed in sequence of submission.
  6. When presenting a poster or talk, an acknowledgement should be displayed which can be downloaded as jpg or PDF (the latter is an Illustrator file which can be opened in all Adobe programs)

To apply:

  1. Download the Company of Biologists support grant application form, either as a Word document or PDF.
  2. Return the completed form to the treasurer by email (
  3. The application should include a letter of support, not longer than 1 page long, including details of the proposed visit and brief explanation of why funds are required.
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